London's centre for innovation and the future of food

Qincho is

The Do Space

Room for coworking and prototyping. This is where our members, who hail from startups, SMEs and larger corporates, grow their businesses and fine-tune their tech.  We have options for fixed desks, hot-desks, showrooms, flexible deals and more.

The Think Space

This is where our team brings you policy support, industry representation, and business model innovation. We support our members by keeping up with the opportunities they don't have time to follow, curating relationships, and hosting events. We push the debate, ask the questions, and make the introductions.

At Qincho, you will


your business in London's foremost food hub for innovation and sustainability, where you'll find great partners, events and unequalled opportunities for meaningful encounters. 


in our high-quality work space and prototyping area, where collaboration between startups, SMEs, corporates and our dedicated support team will help you stay at the forefront of your industry.


the way to sustainable food systems and the industry to better practice. Qincho is devoted to empowering you to drive the transition to sustainability.

The Qincho Diagram


This is how we are structured. We all sit under the same roof. Resident innovators create and run their businesses in the Do space, while research and insights are compiled in the Think space for our members. At the roots, our activities are collaborative and are what drive our members and the industry to Grow, Innovate, and Lead.