Join us

As a resident innovator

We are looking for ambitious foodtech innovators from startups, SMEs and larger corporations who would like to join our space. Call us for details on our options, which include:

  • Hot desking
  • Fixed desk
  • Prototyping space

As a non-resident Member or Contributor

You can join the community as a non-resident. This will give you access to our reports, newsletters, networks, and to all our events.

We're also keen to hear from you if you would like to speak at events, or contribute to our lettres, community, or network in another way.

Showcase your tech

Put your tech at the heart of London’s sustainable food scene.

Our office is in a hub for the future of food, offering a unique opportunity for exposure to potential customers and investors. Our services include looking after your product and presenting it to customers if you are not around.

Get in touch!

Reach out for information on our services, office space, how to become a member, options for your business, or simply to find out more about Qincho and our values. We're friendly and always keen to hear innovative ideas from people interested in our line of work.