Tech solutions for more sustainable food

Tech solutions for more sustainable food

 With, we help clients excel with creative and sustainable food-tech solutions.

New technologies and processes are constantly disrupting food businesses, and unsustainable practices mean few are planning for the future. We equip you to become a resilient and inspiring business which delivers value for generations to come.

Our sustainability report measures impact in a tangible way. This enables sustainable development. We use analytics to create legitimate and comprehensible information for external and internal stakeholders.

Our values


Three dimension valuable for better future : social, environmental, and economic.


No problem is isolated, no solution a silo. 

Tailored to you

Our method is flexible: to deliver a robust and viable product, we adapt it to you.

Design & Circular thinking

Iterative  processes and closed loops.

Creative Solution

We don't believe in off-the-shelf solutions. 

Our innovation method

Map the problem

We take to bits your challenge, identify key technologies, weak links, opportunities, and redundancies. This helps us build resilient and tailored solutions. We also set sustainability targets lined up with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to ensure the project really is a solution.


Here we bring together stakeholders from across industries and sectors. This is how we source our ideas and design comprehensive solutions that last.


An important step: testing allows us to see how the solution really works. We observe and learn, and tinker a little more if we're not 100% satisfied with the sustainability or value of our work.


Finally, we implement the project for you before handing it over to you. This means we set it up with a running plan and full sustainability report, and train whoever will be operating it.